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Seven Sites in Seven Days - My Personal Challenge

I feel like I need to challenge myself. Since I moved last month, I have been doing a lot of little things here and there (see: consulting, freelancing). My own projects have stagnated and I haven't been nearly as productive as I would like.

I have a lot of ideas for different websites I own but have had a very hard time committing to one. I enjoy projects, building a first implementation and testing a concept.

In an effort to try and get creative and find a project or two to really work on, I decided why not build a lot of websites/projects and see what happens?

Seven Sites in Seven Days Challenge:
1. I will try and build 7 websites in 7 days.
2. There is no limitation/minimum requirement on what each will be.
3. Some will probably suck (likely most/all of them).
4. I may get help from freelancers (paid).
5. I may use existing resources - old code, domains, servers, etc.
6. I will not be working in any significant capacity on any other projects - all contract work is on hold (I let my clients know and worked this out ahead of time), I am trying to minimize social/familial obligations as best as possible.
7. The goal is to challenge myself to see what I can do given a deadline.

Some of the inspiration for this comes from Startup Weekend where I had a great time seeing ideas pitched and people trying to build something fast. The other part comes from knowing that most ideas aren't very good and you really have to sort through them to find something good to pursue.

I will try and blog as I go about things and keep notes on what I decide to do and why. Any and all feedback is appreciated :)

The challenge for me starts tomorrow Tuesday December 14, 2010 and ends Tuesday December 21, 2010.