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How to Make Facebook Like Button on a Website Connect to a Facebook Page

I wanted a simple 'Like' button connected to my facebook fanpage. No stream, no faces, no counts, no nonsense. I couldn't find an easy and obvious way to do it.

I spent more time than I would care to admit trying to figure this out and it turns out to be trivial.

  1. Go to Like Button developer tool.
  2. Set 'URL to Like' to your facebook page (
  3. Set 'Width' to '50'
  4. Uncheck 'Send Button'
  5. Choose 'Button Count' for the Layout Style.
  6. Uncheck 'Show Faces'
  7. Get Code, choose iframe version.

The 50 width should cut off the like count box (you can make it bigger/smaller to make sure it works). Simple, easy, like button connected to facebook fanpage.

Screenshot below: