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Twitter Basic Auth Still Working, sometimes?

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I was talking with a friend last night and some of the Twitter Bots I wrote in the past came up (i.e. @StupidBot) and I noticed some odd behavior. First, they seemed broken.

I started to try and fix them today and found out basic authentication has been deprecated and can no longer be used since August 16, 2010.

But wait?

I noticed some of my bots posted after that.

It worked
August 16-31
September 1,14,28
October 21-22
November 5-8

August and September 1 they probably didn't turn it off at the deadline. Now the rest of the updates... the September 14,28 are 2 weeks apart exactly. Maybe some type of update/test? After that, I cannot explain. There is no obvious pattern, it seems to turn on for different lengths of time.

For now though, I need to go back and figure out OAuth and re-write a bunch of my applications so they start working again. :(

Anyone know any more about this? Any theories?